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Submission questions

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1) I have 30 sequential notes and wondered if they should be sent in individual holders or in one stack?

2) Should these 30 sequential notes be identified individually on the submission form or can they be identified once with a serial number range?

3) Do I need a seperate submission form for each submission type (level)?

4) Do world notes and USA notes need seperate submission forms?

5) Can all submissions types be sent in one box? Will one hold the other up in turnaround time?

Thanks hm

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  • Administrator

Good morning,


Thank you for your message. I apologize for the delay in responding to your question. If you have already received an answer to your questions via phone or e-mail, you can disregard this response.


1. We recommend, when possible, to put each note in individual sleeves to help protect the notes.


2. If the notes are consecutive serial numbers, you can just list the serial number range on the submission form and do not have to list each note individually.


3. If you are submitting the notes under different grading tiers then yes, you will need to submit the notes on separate submission forms.


4. US and World notes will also need to be submitted on separate submission forms.


5. You can submit all your invoices to us in one box. If you are submitting invoices under the same grading tier then we will tag these to ship back to you together. If you have invoices that are under different grading tiers then we will ship those separately unless you specifically request that they ship out together, as different tiers have different turnaround times.


If you have any other questions, please let me know. Thank you.

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