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1929 FRBN of NY Complete Set w/ Stars posted by MCrup1

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One note away from a complete New York district set.


I've spent the past three years looking for the best series 1929 FRBNs of New York available to the open market. Within the past couple of days I decided to create a Signature Set to showcase my finest examples. I originally started with two denomination sets, one for regular issue and another for stars exclusively. I have 9-of-10 notes, all except the $5 star.


I've been able to find two consecutive $5 regular issue notes; one full gem and one superb gem. The complete regular issue set has notes ranging in grade of 64 through 67EPQ. My $10, $20, and $50 stars are all VF 25-35; the $10 is a 30 EPQ. Finally the $100 star has a three digit binary serial number, B00000770*. A note that is desirable to collectors of stars, fancy/low serial numbers or just for rarity.


The first star that I purchased for my collection was a $50 note. I then submitted it to PMG where it received a grade of F 15. Even though the note is somewhat rare, it's NOT next to unattainable. Therefore I felt there was something out there with a higher grade at a reasonable price that would help the visuale appeal of the overall set. Over a year passed before I fould a suitable upgrade. After buying, I submitted it to PMG and eagerly waited for the note to go through the grading process. It graded VF 35, higher than all other stars in my collection.


WIth newly updated sets I found myself going back and forth to view the denomination sets of (Regular Issue) and (Stars Only); I thought it logical to create a complete set including stars. I've seen other collector sets created that have pieces from various districts, stars and non-stars, but never a district in it's entirety.


I've enjoyed building this set and every so often I like to get out all of the notes and display them on my desk. (Even the notes that didn't quite make it in the Signature Set). New York has many more notes printed than some of the other districts, but a set near full completion is something that's noteworthy. Please enjoy viewing the quality scans and note comments.


P.S. Once I locate the $5 star I'll definitely update the set and post a new journal entry.


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