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Serial number collectors?

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Hello everyone! This is my first post. I work at a bank and now have access to a significant amount of new, uncirculated FRB bricks from all denominations. We have around 64k in ones alone. I was wondering if anyone knew of any website or software that will allow me to plug in the serial number range of these notes and will identify any collectable serial numbers within?


Any ideas?


Thanks for the help!

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Here is a website I reference for serial number ranges. Blocks.



Here is what is printed monthly by BEP.



Here's a dealer that may know more



I do not know of a program that can do this right now. Radar ladder Fancy low numbers birth year Error notes Stars Maybe collectible as well


Good luck. Have fun

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Thanks for the help! I ended up just putting the ranges in an Excel spreadsheet and figuring it out manually. So far I'm only through the ones but I have pulled out 27 notes including stars, radars, doubles and repeaters!


While these notes are worth a small premium the big money bills are the error notes and solid # notes.


United States paper is printed in three steps:


1) The reverse is printed. The sheets are then allowed to dry.

2) The obverse is printed. The sheets are again allowed to dry.

3) The seals and serial #s are printed on the obverse.


Notes with a missing 3rd printing (or seals/serial #s printed on the reverse) are very popular and worth $250 and up. There are all kinds of other errors and all that you need are good eyes.


The real money comes from low serial # notes and solid # notes. I once owned a $5 red seal with serial number B00000006B. That was worth a few hundred dollars.


The really rare notes are solid # bills. For instance:




and the ultra rare solid # star note, such as



These used to be worth at least $1000 each. Hard to find one, but well worth the hunt especially considering the unique opportunities your job presents.


Good luck and happy hunting!

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I wished I worked in a bank! I'd probably live in the vault if I could - haha. I am looking for 1988, 1988A, and 1995 $1 bills. About every other day I take a stack of 100 $1 bills to the bank and exchange them for another stack of 100 $1 bills. It would save a ton of time if I could just search the stacks at the bank.....

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