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Some help on some possible purchases.

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New to the forum and somewhat new to currency collecting.


I'm considering the following 3 items and would be curious to have some feedback on condition and whether it would be worth perhaps getting any of the 3 graded along with some thoughts on value.


I've not bought them as of today, but really do like the Jefferson's in any case. I hope the images are decent size as I had to compress them. As I could only add 5 the back of the Federal Reserve note I left off, though it looks as clean as the front.


Thanks in advance..






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I would not have these graded. But suggest buying already graded.

Usually I try to only have notes over $100 graded, unless I want them in my pmg collection.

The value and grades of these is low. Keep searching e-bay and dealers, you should be able to find more of them. Good luck.

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