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Well, i finally did it - bought Track&Price for Small Size currency today.


its great that PMG includes the Track&Price prices in the PMG population reports.

but decided to buy the source, since it also includes other information (serial numbers, other TPG, etc.)


i donot plan to transfer data from my selfmade excell speadsheet over to Track&Price,

but wish i had bought Track&Price when i first started my collection.


very much looking forward to PMG upgradeing the Collection Manager.


take care


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hello, need some help.


-has anyone here used currency software programs ?

-what software do you recommend ?


i'm looking at other software programs for tracking my currency.

what is the best software that you would recommend.

tired of using my excell speadsheet.



some that i have found on the internet:




CurrencyManage 2011


Currency Collector's Assistant Plus



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I'm about 3 weeks into the 30 day free trial of Track & Price - it has already saved me from buying a wash/press job where the alleged grade was bumped from a PCGS 25 to an uncertified 50. I'll definitely be buying the application.

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In addition to it's cost of 445 a year... it doesn't stay bought. It expires and then you are locked out of it...


The Gengerke census on the other hand... you pay 175 once for large sized and nationals and you get the data and one year of updates.


Also, after the year is up, your program still works!!




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