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i need help for grading note throught preview in photos

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Hi guys


I would like to know what is grade approx of this note. Note looks like uncirculated without folds, but have any clip mark in right side on upper margin on reverse. Due this clip mark, grade is between 50-58 or 60-64? and EPQ? please, help me



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hi, not many people can grade a note by scan/photo.

but an uncirculated without folds should grade - No folds (60, 63, 64)

clip mark (corner missing) could make it a NET grade

best to send it into PMG to be professionally graded.

hope this helped.


for reference:






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I agree with's hard enough to grade a note " in hand" , and virtually impossible to grade with just a scan/photo. The scan shows a cancelled Specimen note, with sharp corners and either a fold, or security strip to the left of center on the front. Sorry I couldn't help more.

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