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Two questions; grading and pedigree area

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Hello, I'm hoping you can answer a couple questions for me before CPMX 2011.

The first is about a couple notes I'm thinking of having graded. These are commonly called $5 1934 Hawaii-WWII Emergency Issue and in the pedigree area a notation Non-Mule which is accurate but not complete. Reading an article by Peter Huntoon in the SPMC Journal May/June 2008 it tells the story of these notes. I'll quote the pertinent text from the section on $5 Hawaii Varieties:


No $5 San Francisco FRNs had been printed since 1937. However a sizable stockpile of incomplete sheets dating from the 1936-37 era was on hand. The stockpiled sheets had backs and faces, but no seals or serial numbers.


The vintage of the stockpile is known because all the back and many of the face plates used to print the sheets had been canceled in 1936-37. The old sheets had been printed from 1934 micro back and face plates, so all were 1934 non-mules. Furthermore, the backs utilized a distinctive soft appearing yellow green ink which had been replaced by a dark blue green ink on October 7, 1940.


All the stockpiled San Francisco $5s received Hawaii overprints. They are the only Hawaii notes mated with the beautiful old yellow-green backs.


It turns out that the BEP had this stockpile for all districts which means all 1934 $5 non-mules with a Brown or Dark Green Seal have the yellow-green backs.


So here is question #1: Instead of just labeling these Non-Mule in the pedigree area, can these be labeled Yellow-Green Micro Back Non-Mule?


Question #2: On the note below the cutting guide marks can be seen on two sides. I'm wondering if by looking at this picture if there is anything that can be seen which would prevent it from receiving a 67 grade? I understand there are other considerations that must be taken into account, but I am asking about the front margins only.


Thanks for helping.



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Dear Sir,

To answer both of your questions, one, the mule and non-mule notes have been labeled as such because of the "real estate" that is available on our labels (there is simply not enough room considering the other information that has to go on the labels as well).

In regards to your second question, it is hard to say only by looking at a scan. To be accurate we would have to see the note in person and do not wish to speculate a grade based on a scanned image.


Thank you.


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i would like to suggest that the pedigree be placed on the back of the pmg lable.


i've seen it mostly placed on the front, but the back would allow more room, and

could allow a smaller font for more comments, etc. if needed.


thanks for everything.



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