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Dueces Wild Hoard

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You ask a somewhat difficult question here, because I too, cannot find anything about this so called 'collection.' What I can tell is this; anyone can have anything they want put on the PMG holder at the time of grading. Some people actually try to increase the value of their collection by doing this. I think it should not be allowed, except in the case of 'pedigrees.' I also collect CGC graded comic book where 'pedigrees' actually matter. In paper money, I actually won't buy a piece of currency that has something like this on the label because anyone can have it added at any time (there are few rules that govern this from what I understand). PMG really needs to tighten their stance on this issue.


Any other thoughts about this issue, or am I dead wrong? This is interesting to say the least!






PS: I could be wrong, but I found nothing about this 'hoard' or 'collection.'

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mintcollector - thanks


good point, i think you can write anything on a pmg holder.

some interesting ideas might be happy birhday, first company dollar, to grandson, etc.

but i see that anyone can make up some story that they found money in a old bag,

then call it the old bag collection, which means nothing to me.


pmg should post their standards for what can/cannot be on the label.

license plates have some standards, and you can't put anything on them.

or offer free re-holdering if the new owner doesn't want that on their holder.


i found some collections on Heritage listed below, but nothing on this Dueces Wild Hoard.

and most of the collections below do not have their name on the holders.


anyway, thanks again,

i'll keep looking for more on this Dueces Wild Hoard.


- Heritage Featured Collections:


A Gentleman?s Collection of Important Stocks & Bonds (282)

Albert Rollins Collection (92)

Benjamin Rush Powel Collection of Confederate Currency (54)

From The Collection of Daniel Weissman (51)

From The Collection of Greg Southward (117)

From The Jacob and Heather Dedman Collection (73)

From The Lincoln Collection (338)

From The Rolling Plains Collection (200)

From The Wilhemina Collection (8)

From the Willam A. "Bill" Bond Collection (82)

Giana Lynn Samantha Rose Collection (91)

Jim O'Neal National Gold Bank Note Collection (19)

Kim Fisher Collection (363)

Lone Star Collection (93)

Midnight Ride Collection (820)

The A to Z National Collection (26)

The Amelia Island Collection (128)

The Bill and Kathy Stella Currency Collection (558)

The Bill Gale Collection of Kentucky Nationals (328)

The Bill Sabis Collection of New York National Bank Notes (393)

The Bob Steele Collection of Wisconsin National Bank Notes (204)

The C.A. Dolph & Son Collection (108)

The Chenango County Collection (251)

The Cocoa Beach Collection (269)

The Collection of a Louisiana Gentleman (746)

The Collection of a Patriotic American (172)

The Cornhusker Collection (157)

The David Gursky Collection of U.S. Error Notes (176)

The Dee Panda Collection (47)

The Don C. Kelly Collection of National Bank Notes (151)

The Don C. Kelly Collection of Ohio National Bank Notes (228)

The Dr. Edward and Joanne Dauer Collection (71)

The Dr. Edward and Joanne Dauer Collection of Demand Notes (17)

The Dr. Edward and Joanne Dauer Collection of Treasury Notes and Gold Certificates (43)

The Dr. Larry Miller Collection (377)

The Drew Keough Collection (133)

The Emmett Brooks Collection of Virginia National Currency (270)

The Everglades Collection of Florida National Bank Notes (149)

The Frederick Herget Collection (553)

The Frederick R. Mayer Collection (417)

The George P. Hammerly Collection (97)

The Halton Lake Collection (351)

The J.S. Weber Collection (122)

The James Paul Collection (3)

The Jeffrey L. Olyan Collection, Part 1 (75)

The John Ameen Collection (238)

The John H. Schroeder Collection (117)

The John Rosseau Collection (266)

The Jupiter Collection (71)

The Kansas City Collection (698)

The Large Size Star Note Collection of Richard Merlau (48)

The Lawrence O'Neal Collection (47)

The Lone Star Collection (140)

The Lowell Horwedel California Collection (911)

The Menlo Park Collection (387)

The Midwest Collection of Small Size Type Notes (30)

The Nicholas J Bruyer Collection (97)

The Norman Collection (139)

The Norman Pullen Collection of Maine Obsolete Currency (415)

The Old Line Collection (276)

The Paul and Margaret Abel Collection of Holyoke National Currency (39)

The Peter Gamble Collection (148)

The Piedmont Collection (1)

The Plymouth Rock Collection (285)

The R.D. Bradley Collection (82)

The Ralph Graves Collection of National Bank Notes (173)

The Richard A. Beck Collection (41)

The Robert A. Vlack Collection of Georgia Obsolete Currency (67)

The Rocky Manning Collection (60)

The Rolling Plains Collection (35)

The Ron W. Keeney Collection (12)

The Ross Bailey Collection (66)

The Sandpoint Collection of Idaho Nationals Consignor (83)

The Scottsdale Collection (66)

The Sunshine State Collection (112)

The Thomas A. Bergin Collection (137)

The Tom Denly Collection of Boston Obsolete Currency and Scrip (393)

The Troy Wiseman Collection (100)

The Walla Walla Collection (72)

The Warren Marshall Collection (74)

The Wellington Collection (8)

The William A. "Bill" Bond Collection (355)

The Windy City Star Note Error Collection (121)

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I will ask PMG this question through their own 'ask PMG' section. I can't guarantee an answer however, but a lot of these collections seem suspect to me.


I can tell you that I also collect comic books and for a collection to be a true 'pedigree' collection and get noted as such, normally proper paper work is required by CGC. CGC is owned by the same company that owns PMG. We'll see what they say...





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I'm pretty sure that PMG, PCGS and CGA will add ANY pedigree to the holder.

I've always wanted to call mine "The Cigar City Collection", because of the Cuban imigrants and their influence in the early years of the community I now call home.


There are probably certain no-no's, like no profanity, or no calling your note an Ex BeBee Collection note, if it's not.

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