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i wanted to ask the group here if they belong to ANA.


American Numismatic Association (ANA).



i noticed that ANA members can submit to NGC,

- can they also submit to PMG ?


if you join ANA you get the Coin World,etc.

right now i buy Coin World ($10/year), pay membership into PMG Collectors Society ($109/year), etc.


- so would it be better to join ANA and submitt coins/currency as a member and

get the other benifits as a ANA member OR should i continue to pay for

Coin World ($10/year), pay membership into PMG Collectors Society ($109/year), etc.


any suggestions/comments ??


do any of you belong to the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) ?




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I belong to the ANA, but I am also a paid member of the collectors society. I didn't know about the coin world benefit, but I know about the Numismatist, which I get electronically now. I am not a very big submitter to PMG or NGC, so I use the paid membership to get the 5 free submissions, which end up costing $22 each give or take, but that's usually about all I use per year. If I just submitted through the ANA membership, I would have to pay full price for those, which would be $30 for NGC or $40 for PMG, so there is still a savings on the first 5 submissions each year. Either way, it pays since you are getting $150-200 in submissions for $109, at least that's the way I look at it.


The ANA membership gives you the Numismatist, plus discounted collection insurance (much cheaper than my insurance company charges for a rider), and this coin world benefit you mentioned. Plus if you are going to one of the conventions each year (which I hope to go to the one in Chicago this year), then I think you get benefits there too, but I haven't looked into that.

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I called PMG and mentioned I was an ANA Member, and they sent me about a half-a-dozen submission forms, and let me know I COULD direct submit notes for grading to PMG......but, without any discount, without joining PMG's Collectors Society.


I do have some "grade worthy" raw notes that would be worth more if I was selling them, but I haven't had to sell any of my collection yet. I really enjoy holding some of the notes in my hand, and examining the paper quality and embossing, especially when viewed under LED lighting. This example, a CH-CU Emergency note, even has the large "Hawaii" imprint on the back, punched thru to the front with very nice embossing. You might not get to enjoy that if the note was in a holder.




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