Need value range for a 1928A Star Woods Mellon Chicago $50 Fed Reserve Note

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Hello, I am primarily a coin guy so hoping I can get some help on a value range for this $50 FRN, it is circulated but very clean, two very minor fold creases and solid but not perfect edges. Also would like to know your opinion on if I should have this note graded? Thanks in advance for any help.





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i think this note is somewhere between $2,000 to $10,000

you really need to have it graded, rare notes like this one will get a great price.

wish i could afford buy it.....


two folds could grade between 50-58 (About Uncirculated)




Single vertical fold or one to two light corner folds (58)

Two folds that has been pressed (55)

No more than two vertical folds or a single horizontal fold (53)

Two heavier folds or a light horizontal and vertical fold (50)




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