Large Size Federal Reserve Notes

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hello, can you help explain the backs of the 1914 $50 and 1914 $100

Large Size Federal Reserve Notes? i checked the internet and the books that

i have. but can find out who are these figures on the backs ?


from what i could find:


1914 $50 - allegorical figure of Panama between a merchant and battleship.

1914 $100 - five allegorical figures from mythology.

The God Mercury is on the right wearing his winged helmet and sandals.


does "Panama" refer to the Panama Canal ?

who are the other 4 allegorical figures from mythology ?






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The $50 has an allegorical figure of Panama (Refering to the Panama canal) between a merchant ship and battleship. The design was chosen because of the completion of the canal in 1914.


In regards to the $100 large size fed.

Kenyon Cox a famous painter of the period did the Vignette. The figures are allegorical, and represent from left To right agriculture, prosperity, america, peace, and commerce.


Thank you for your questions

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