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pmg, i found these "PMG BEP Souvenir Cards" on e-bay,


i dont understand why pmg enclosed these BEP Souvenir Cards.


the cards didn't get a grade,

did they get a PMG Cert#,

can i add them to my collectors society collections ?


any information on why/what PMG will enclose would be helpful.

what does and does not quailfy to be enclosed in a PMG holder ?




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In the past we have encapsulated BEP Souvinir cards because they are a printed BEP product. Like the one you show in your post, they are encapsulated in what we call a blue label holder (this type of holder indicates that what is encapsulated has and cannot be graded but we have verified that it is an authentic item that has a connection to paper currency).


Because it cannot be graded you would not be able to add it to your Collectors Society Collection.

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