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Hello all,


I may be answering my own question by asking this, or may be I just need to vent, but I have a question that maybe a more experienced collector can help me with. Why do a lot of the collectors on the PCGS forums constantly talk about how PMG overgrades certain notes? Isn't PMG on par with PCGS or are these people trying to create a false premium for PCGS notes? This same thing has happened before with PCGS coins.


Personally I find a lot more overgraded PCGS notes than PMG notes and I like the PMG holder better.


Any thoughts on this matter?


Like I said, I may have answered my own question...

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PCGS and PMG are to go by the same grading scale.





I also find a lot more overgraded PCGS notes than PMG notes and I also like the PMG holder better.


most of the PCGS notes that i have sent into PMG

have come back at the same or lower grades.

i think PMG is better at grading.



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To each their own....I belong to BOTH forums, own graded notes from BOTH TPG's, and hear pros & cons from time to time on BOTH grading companies. Both grading companies by-and-large do an excellent job grading notes, and any second guessing from scans of notes in holders is just that....second guessing. Without having note in hand,and suffcient lighting & magnafication, and not to mention the years of experience of a proffesional grader then maybe as collectors we are not getting all the facts and information necessary to knock a specific grade given. Mistakes will be made whenever the human element is present, and opinions vary. As far as who has the better holder....to each their own.

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yes i think you answered your own question --




when you are in the market for a brand new small to midsized car


go into the local ford dealership and ask them what they think of buying a new toyota or honda small or mid size car with your money

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I, too, visit both boards and I believe each does a fine job.


I believe each does their best job they can in grading a note. Are some overgraded at each? Sure. Are some undergraded? Yep. Are most correctly graded? I believe so.


The saying rings true, buy the note, not the holder!!!! I have both PCGS & PMG notes and am very happy with both companies.


Competition brings out the best in any industry, TPG's included.

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I think there are likely some insecure folks on the other board that just assume what is true in coins must also be true in notes. Plus since PCGS was late to the party in notes, there is more reason for insecurity on their parts. I am more ambivalent, since I collect coins and notes, not plastic holders. And in any case, I am secure enough in my purchase decisions (and I own notes and coins graded by both) that I don't feel the need to bash other companies' holders/grading.

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After reading the responses here and looking over the PCGS Collectors Univ

message boards. Both PMG/PCGS have Standards/Consistency/Integrity.





I do trust that both PMG/PCGS try to grade the notes correctly.

I still prefer the PMG holders over the others.


looks like collectors were even talking about this back in 2005.


Thread Title: PMG vs. PCGS: Which service to use?

Created On Friday July 01, 2005 6:44 PM



- as a beginner collector, i absolutely need TPG, and want to be able to trust the

grades given by PMG/PCGS. in the interest and protection of the collectors.

PMG/PCGS really need to do some internal review as to why they grade notes

differently using the same 70 point grading scale or i may never again pay for a

note to be graded. i no longer buy/trust CGA and RCGS graded notes.


for me, it must be in a PMG holder.





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