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PMG Registry Sets Updated - The RED SEALS are Done !!!

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We finally got the registry weights updated for all the Small Size RED SEALS ($1, $2, $5 & $100's) for all BLOCKS, STAR's & VARIETIES. In addition to that, the Master Complete Legal Tender set is now posted. Next will be the break down of the series sets for all the RED SEALS like the SILVER CERTIFICATES are now.


Also, check out the SILVER CERTIFICATES. They are now broke out into (3) different catagories.




Just about there everyone. Hope you guys enjoy it :applause:



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thank you,


another request would be to have "levels" for collecton sets for each Category:


Denomination Set - beginner collectors

Complete Set - intermediate collectors

Complete Set (with Star Notes) - advanced collector

Complete Set, All Stars, All Varieties, All Blocks - expert collector


the Legal Tender Complete Set (with Star Notes) is missing.


thanks again.

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Good idea. Let me take some notes and follow-up with the gang to see what they say. Right now the main thing is to get all the weights correct and all the sets created. After that, I'm sure creating a new kind of set will be very easy.

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Why was the Small Size Legal Tender Notes Complete Set changed so the stars score differently instead of leaving it as it was and adding a "Complete Set with Star Notes"? The most popular way to collect the red seals is probably a series set without stars. But the stars score so high that there is now no place for such a series set without stars if one wants to be competitive.

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The series sets are coming next. By creating the complete set, we can now break them out exactly like the SC's are now.


An example would be the following for 1928 $2 LT's or $5 LT's


- Type no/Star's

- Type w/Star's

- Type w/Star's & Varieties


This would be exactly like you have described above and be done for all years (series).


Make sense?

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Great -


I would like to see a "consistent" outline

For all types (Legal, SC, FRN. WWII, etc.)


After seeing the SC breakdowns (700+ notes),

This could get expensive/overwhelming/etc.


Try to keep a simple consistent outline structure.

for all levels (begineer to advanced) collectors.




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More RED SEAL sets are up. We will be putting up a BLOCK only set for $2's and $5's from 1928-1963 very shortly that will NOT include STAR's or VARIETIES.


As you can see. it's way easier to actually work backwards. Creat the overall MASTER set and then remove items from it.


Hope to have the next 2 RED SEAL sets up in the next few days.



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