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at the time it was the only one i could find.

i have a better one now to get graded by PMG.

click on link below to see my $100 FRN collection

my currency collection started with the 1996 $100 (big head) from circulation.



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Here are my most significant...


Silver certificate star



Low serial number



Somewhat fancy serial number



Nice crispy 1950A $5 FRN



Legal tender $5






Low serial number


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The first one I found a few weeks ago the bottom I just found. ALMOST a match. 2 numbers away from it. I started saving the 8888 starters because of the sets the BEP started. I figured I would hold them till I find someone with a match and buy their note or offer them mine.

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So I've seen a total of 1 (one) series 2009 $1 bill with little Timmy Geithner's signature, so I decided when I went to the bank this morning to ask if they had a pack of 100 new singles, and maybe they's be new ones.


Well, the got me a new pack of 100 consecutive, but they were series 2003 A, and as an added bonus, the pack contains a neat serial number A 43822834 B, the same forwards and backwards, not sure if it's worth anything, but still neat to find.


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Picked up these two today - the bottom 2003 $1 FRN is oh so close to a radar. The top 2006 $1 FRN a nice almost repeater with a 3456 at the end. Funny I received both with my lunch change at Chic-fil-a.





keep checking those notes!

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