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Post your Hawaii and North Africa's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1934A $5 Hawaii note I picked up & posted raw - note arrived at PMG on the 5th and was out by the 9th - maybe too quick since the note graded out AU 55 - no EPQ :(


A nice note I got a fair $ below AU and will fit in well with my other $5 FRN's.





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Hello to the forum.


With my first post, I was just hoping someone here might be able to give me a hint on what I have. And if this is in the wrong forum, much apologies, and mods please move it where it belongs.


I'm sure this is an old story here, but I have recently acquired a quantity of currency, both paper and coin, from a deceased uncle.


As this thread is about Hawaii notes, I will limit my inquiries to this note only.


Any info that you might provide on the bill would be greatly appreciated.


My next question would be approx. how much would it cost to get this bill "graded" from PMG or any of the other companies, and is it worth the price to have this grading performed.


And here is the note. Thanks again for any help.





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