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  1. Hi all, I am wondering if there is a significant difference between the 7th and the 10th editions, I can not find the 10th. I am specifically looking for the information on "Changeover Pairs". Thanks, manofwar
  2. Hi KaileeS CS, I have to apologize for any confusion I have conveyed to you and or others. I am on very strong medications due to my health and I frequently find it difficult to explain what I want to discuss. To attempt to be clearer I am working on collecting "Chainover Pairs, including the reverse version of the same and have now learned about the completion of sets thereof, I am totally new to paper currency Sincerely, Bill Kline
  3. NickiO CS, I certainly appreciate your timely response and explanation given. I have certainly availed myself of your "Glossary" which has been very helpful especially for us "Newbies".. I still will take this opportunity to ask, Why have what seem to me one of the most obvious, logical and very profitable potential sources for the high end fututure "Currency Collectable points of interest, Consider the rarity numbers and consider a mutually benefits that may excite the general public and by doing something to the effects of leaving clues to which series is going to leave clues. Sincerely, William H Kline 59633 Sun Mesa dr, P. O Box 701 Joshua Tree, CA. 82252
  4. I am wondering if anyone knows of a name for the completed "Change-Over" string of notes, "A Reverse Change-over pair and the Foreword-Pair? I was also wondering are in the census of these? Just thinking about it, manofwar1
  5. Thanks for the response and I am trying to figure out how to get them for way back in the forum and to get the pictures placed correctly, I too am sure others collect these changeovers and are quite varied as you said. I think I have the first 1934 C, the last C and the D all 1934 and the CW,"Wide" and Narrow testing all of which seems to have jumbled up some of the data, may just me not having a clue too! Later manofwar1 PS the year 2003 seems to have more than one duplicating serial numbers.
  6. Hey FenntuckyMike, Just wondering if yiu or anyone else have these sort of changeovers/turnover, in their collections? I have yet to see any o t these that I purchased and Now I am taken by these turnovers the focus of my collecting now. Later,manofwr1
  7. The other noyes are duplicated SN from 2003 and 2003A Later manofwar
  8. I do not know how to get the photos right way up, I tried both ways and all upside down. My thought about these notes (1934 C to C ) and (to D) series any thoughts? It seems the A<B<C<D series may have been small. I think I will try to find out. Later manofwar
  9. My Oh MY, very classic beauty. Well I am going to show a new pair worth discussion I think. Well again not working saying the individual photos are to large. back the drawing board........
  10. Well now I have a "new purchase", I feel is worth posting. I will provide pictures when I receive the notes and I have them in hand, buy I will say the 2 notes are the $10.00 FRN crossover from C to D , 1934 CW and both with a fair grade of GEM UNC EPQ, Now I will be anxiously for the postal delivery to receive this new prize. Now I have to figure out how mine fits into the picture since mine while virtually everything identical. Any Thoughts? Thanks, manofwar1
  11. i am seeing some very nice artwork and style in these notes from other places, very nice, i will try posting one of my favorite note, just wish I only hope to eventually find a smaller serial number and the star of course.
  12. While I understand what you are saying about the fact the charts, 32 impression specifically do show how and even someone with close s n, but I for one get a it more curious when one does include the sequential numbering?
  13. Oh Well, I can not get the ending in 5 and 6 wont work, do not know why, but it is literally in my hand now. Any thoughts?
  14. I think maybe these may have been one of h BEP deals or something to that effect. Just a thought manofwar1
  15. I wonder what other folks opinions are about this and what any one has taken advantage of acquiring from the gift shop? I also have to wonder if this concept had ever been done in the past? The following is from the book by Whitman and Bowers: the total reading is last paragraph on page 82 and all of 83. As my OCD takes me down this road regarding the, (The Mysterious "o"'s) as the "Plate Position Mark", mine are on silver certificates, 1935 U-I block and are consecutively numbered. Thanks for any time and thoughts on the subject, manofwar1 Last Paragraph, page 83, "The excellent relations between BEP and Collectors have continued and expanded since then. Perhaps the ultimate gesture of good faith has been the printing of "error"notes, star notes ordinarily made to replace to replace defective notes, but now made in limited printing for sale at a premium to numismatists. These products have been widely appreciated and typically the sale of limited edition products, including unusual serial numbers, star notes and the like is a quick sell out."
  16. Thanks for the guidance.
  17. i Placed numbers for each note I need a slot for so far, I expect the need for additional slots in the future should e expected as well. Thanks, manofwar
  18. The Best advise you can get anywhere is, "Check out the last say 6 months of auction records". I f the note is very rare and rarely seen, everyone will basically give a guess. Later Man of War
  19. Hey all this is a great idea that someone or I should say folks like all of the Auction house coordinate their, "Wish Lists" created by each, they all for the most part have the basic concept already operational. I guess it does already exists the common denominator is the individual collector signing up at their particular favorite auction houses and such. Later, Manofawr1 PS I have a $1.00 2023, with a serial # !!!!!!!! (solid 1's)in the J-B Block, as I already have 2003 and 2013 and obviously I want as many years as possible in the -B Block.
  20. Hey all, I hope this is not to stupid a question but has anyone seen or he one of these, $1.00 1935 silver certificatates each of these are U-I block.. later, bill