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  1. Radar / Repeater and uncirculated
  2. Thanks Fenntucky Mike; I also thought the same as you with regard to other duplicate notes still being around for the past 111 years. I have the Charlton Standard Catalogue. Its not much help with notes that go beyond (older than) the 1937 series of Canadian notes. There are healthy primiums for those notes with similar serial number configurations such as the radar and cycle that I mentioned on the 1911 note I posted a pic of. As there is no published information in any catalogue that I've looked at and also the fact that I have not seen a single radar note of this year and variety and I've been looking for the past 10 or so years, leads me to believe there should be some $$ utility added. How much that is ? that's the question. I also posted a second radar note in your fancy #'s thread from the Westmorland Bank of Moncton New Brunswick circa 1861. That was also another gem find.
  3. Good Morning All, new here and looking forward to the experience of those on this board. I have a 1911 Canadian 1 dollar note that is a 2 digit radar / 3 cycle repeater. Serial # 878878J I would estimate the condition to be VF-20 / 25. I have posted the question on another board in Canada and asked if this note would have a higher value based on its unique serial number. I got a response from someone saying that this was not a serial number but a sheet number and that it was likely that it has 3 duplicates and this is common regarding older notes. Looking on line I see that PMG has graded and certified similar 1911 Canadian notes and they indicate a serial number on the holder so I'm a bit confused here. So now I have more questions aside from the valuation. Is it possible that there are duplicates of this note with the exact number and check letter? If that is true, how many survived and in what condition? Over the years I have not seen any others similar to what I have. Not saying they don't exist, just have not seen any for sale. I have posted a photo and would appreciate any feedback. Cheers