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  1. These BOTH came out of the cash register at my business.
  2. This is a new acquisition signed by Mary Ellen Withrow who served under Bill Clinton (1994-2001). It is a $2-1995 series replacement note with a lower run of 512K.
  3. These 2 came from an eBay win. They are consecutive Kansas City replacement notes having only 1 run of 320K total. They are crisp uncirculated and fit in with the set I'm putting together.
  4. I wasn't sure whether to post a RADAR or a REPEATER so ...
  5. How 'bout backward and forward?
  6. I'm concerned that I may not get them back (nothing personal with any grading company). Can anyone ease my mind? It's a trust problem I have, I know.
  7. My information tells me it's 1 run of 384K printed in June of 2007. Nice find in the wild!
  8. This one came straight from the ATM machine! Crisp Uncirculated.