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  1. Hello Meandyou4ever0 no, this isn’t the place to find a match. In the beginning there was the Zegers/Winograd Project that you could put your note information, however that project has been retired. A new project2013B* has been started where you and any others who read this post, may want to go and enter your notes. Just google it, it’s easy to find. It’s ran by a guy named “Johnny” or he also goes by the handle of “PastExpiry”. You can find him or actual links on the CCF (Coin Community Forum) as well. Hope this helps. Best wishes to you in finding it’s mate!!!
  2. Hello again PMG, Well….You logged my “EXPRESS” submission in as “RECEIVED” Wednesday October 5th, 2022. On the day you received them your current turnaround time was 16 days, you later increased the turnaround time to 21 days, then to 24 days, but have since reverted it back to 16 days. Today is Wednesday November 2nd, 2022, which is 4 solid weeks, or 21 business days, with a current turnaround time listed as 16 business days, again. So my question STILL, is why are my notes still sitting in “RECEIVED” status four weeks later when I paid for “EXPRESS” service? No one has made any attempt to contact me. Has this become “Personal”? Are you “Teaching” me a lesson for having the audacity to question your companies service to it’s customers? You’ve always had all my contact information to get hold of me and simply give me an update, but PMG has made a choice not to. What are customers supposed to deduce from this? Your “Moderators” have responded to other topics within this chat board since I’ve been asking questions, but no new responses to this thread. I’m really scratching my head on this. Thank you.
  3. Dear PMG, So today I noticed you changed your turnaround time on express back to 16 days, which is what it was the day you received them. So you’ve now had my submission for 19 business days, and it’s still sitting in “Received”. The last several times I’ve called, I’ve been told that there was no issues with my submission, or the paperwork, or anything. You’ve not made any attempt to contact me either here, by email, or by phone. Will you please tell me why my submission is still being held up in “Received” status? Thank you!
  4. Hey Numisnote, They’ve had all day to respond, and didn’t, by the time they see this it will be Friday, what do you want to bet we go into yet another weekend no closer to an answer than we were a week ago, or for you MONTHS ago? I think they should give us our money back, they should absorb the shipping costs to send us our stuff back, and we go to a different grading company. PMG should be “CANCELLED”. DEAR PMG, YOU WORK FOR US!!!! WE DON’T WORK FOR YOU!!! IF ENOUGH OF US STOP SUBMITTING TO YOU, THEN YOU’LL BE ASKING DO YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAT BURGER IN YOUR NEXT JOB!!!! DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KEEP IGNORING US????? Or are you going to delete my post and refer me to your current, and ever changing turnaround times? This is the ASK PMG thread…..we’ve asked……but you’ve ignored us. I know your laughing at this, I just hope you don’t choke on your laughs. Your so called dedication to customer service is the only thing laughable here. If you haven’t guessed yet, YES, I’M MAD. The question you should be asking yourself is, how many others are as mad as us, and if you don’t shape up and you lose business, do you think your boss’s or stockholders will be laughing with you?
  5. “Turnaround times reflect the estimated number of working days to complete a submission delivered to our facility today.” Above is a quote from their web site. Note that it says it’s the estimated time for “submission delivered to our facility today”. I think right there says turnaround times are based on what they were the day it arrived, not, we can keep adding days to your submissions turnaround time because more stuff has come in since then. But especially in your case, less than 30 days when you submitted, and its 127 working days now. I had a friend who submitted two notes identical to mine (obviously different serial numbers), he and I submitted them at the same time, but I needed “Express” for an event which I now missed thanks to PMG, and he submitted his thru standard service, in which at the time he was told was 55 days. I talked to him yesterday, HE HAS HIS BACK, GRADED, SLABBED, AND IN HIS HANDS NOW!!! Now you explain that one, PMG won’t answer me when I asked that question a few days ago, after he told me his was being packed for return shipment. They were tongue tied and wouldn’t give me an answer. So, we’re here now…..PMG, What is going on? How is this possible? What kind of crud are you pulling? Why, when I spoke to one of your representatives last week, and asked them to look into exactly where mine was, and what the hold up is, when the last representative told me there wasn’t a backlog in “Express”, and you said you would look into it and send me a response. It’s been over a week and you haven’t responded!!!
  6. I’m willing to bet that Turn around times would be drastically decreased, almost immediately, if they were not allowed to charge (receive payment) for services until the submission reached the packaging for return shipment stage. We don’t pay for dinner out when we make the reservation. We pay after we’ve received the meal and service. Payment upon services rendered, not before!!!
  7. I hear you on that!!! I paid for “Express” service, submitted when it said current turnaround time was 16 days. After it had been sitting in “Received” for 10 business days, I called and asked what the heck, how are you going to get this finished and out in 6 more days. Oh, they CHANGED the turnaround time to 21 days. Then this week they CHANGED IT AGAIN, now it’s 24 days for SO CALLED “Express”. They signed for my package Monday October 3, did not get it entered as Received till October 5th, and this is for their so called “EXPRESS” service. Here it is October 27th, and it’s still sitting in “RECEIVED” When I called and talked to Celeste, and Lorraine, and Tom or Tim, they said there was NO backlog. The only thing that has been “EXPRESS” about this, is how quick they charged my credit card, within hours of listing it “RECEIVED” I’m with you on their total “disrespect” they have for their customers!!!
  8. Glad to see this sale!! Hope it goes thru to completion. I’m trying to figure out what or how “Top Grade” is to be calculated since these pairs are two notes with different grades. Some pairs have had one note at 67, some at 66 or even lower. But shouldn’t we figure in the 2nd note as well in each pair? I’m thinking we should take the average of both notes then whatever that number is, would be that pairs, so called overall “Grade”, and then one can determine “Top Grade”? The one sold above states in the sales ad “Top Grade Set - None Finer PMG 30/67” If we simply add the 2 numbers and divide by 2 we will have our average. So a perfectly graded matched set 70/70 the average is 70. 70 would be “Top Grade”. But until a perfect set of 70’s is found, I’m guessing we will have to determine “Top Grade” by those that have been graded thus far and calculate their averages. The 67/30 becomes 48.5 See above pairs as well. The 66/35 becomes 50.5. And the 66/53 becomes 59.5 There are other pairs out there where at least one of the notes was also a 67. You will also see the pair below, recently graded by PCGS is a 67/35 with an average of 51. Properly labeled as “Production Error w/ Duplicate Serial Numbers Please don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic at the pair Selling and at that price!! I hope the sale holds. I’m also concerned with claim, specifically, “NONE FINER PMG 30/67” Maybe PMG will weigh in. PMG, what do you suggest be done to determine “Top Grade”, when the item includes two separate notes, with two different grades?
  9. Hello, For those of you who have been watching this question; I wanted to let you know that after I forwarded PMG the Email from Dr. Frederick Bart, PMG replied back to me that they WOULD in fact re-label these matched pair of notes as ERRORS, and they gave me instructions on how to send them back in. Im very excited about the positive outcome, and thought you all may want to know. Take care and thanks for following along! Thank you PMG! P.S. If any of you are going to this Years World Fair of Money in Illinois, this pair will be on Display with the StacksBowers Auction House. Their currently on Display in New York.
  10. Hello again, After the last two postings, was wondering if PMG is still taking the stance these are not Errors? Just asking because I haven’t seen anything here or by email in response to the latest news. Theres been quite a few “views” so this appears to be a topic of interest. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Craig
  11. Recently one of the project members sent an email to Dr. Frederick Bart, the Author of “United States Paper Money Errors”, linking him to this chat, question, about designating these Duplicated Serial Numbers as Errors. Dr. Bart responded in part with… “I endorse these as “Production Errors” and believe they should be classified as Production Errors with Duplicated Serial Numbers. I intend to identify these as such, in the 5th Edition of United States Paper Money Errors.” Dr. Bart also said we could forward this email to PMG, PCGS-Banknote, and Legacy. So if you would like to send me an email, I will forward his full email on these Errors to you. Thanks, Craig
  12. So let’s just use the BEPs own words. Directly from their website…..“Each note of the same denomination has its own serial number” No where does it say duplicate use of a Serial Number is ok if printed at different facilities because they have different Pick#/FR#. Thanks, Craig
  13. Thank you for your response, however I respectfully disagree. I don’t believe that a third party catalogs assigned listing FR#, and Pick#, has the ability to over ride, negate, dismiss, the fact that all U.S. currency printed in a particular Series (2013), for the same FRB (New York), for the same Denomination ($1), must have unique serial numbers. So if we had 20 printing facilities in this Country, we could re-print the same Serial Number 20 times and it wouldn’t be an error? So what’s the point of having Star Notes to begin with? Just print a replacement note with the same serial number of the damaged note at the opposite facility. A different FR#, does not erase the fact that the BEP made a mistake, error, boo boo, when it wrongly authorized a second printing of same series, FRB, denomination notes with duplicate Serial Numbers that had already been printed and put into circulation. My hope is that you will re-examine and update your definition of duplicated serial numbers. At least please try and look at it from my side of it. I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, I’m just a lay person that believes if it looks and quacks like a duck, it’s probably duck. If currency is supposed to have unique serial numbers, and un-intentionally some do not, then it most likely was an error. Sincerely, Craig
  14. Hello, As you can see by the attached Article by currency Expert Peter Huntoon, who called the BEP’s action of authorizing both the DC and FW printing Facilities, to print notes of the same Series (2013), same FRB (New York), same denomination ($1), with Duplicated Star Note Serial Numbers, a Mistake. Any dictionary calls Mistake or Error, synonyms. The first matched pair I submitted for grading, I just asked for it to say “Duplicated Serial Numbers” and you did, thank you. That was my mistake/error, I should have asked for it to say “BEP Error-Duplicated Serial Numbers Printed & Issued”. So when I submitted a second matched pair of duplicated serial number error notes, I asked for the Error designation and PMG responded that at this point they were not ready to call this mistake, an error, because they were printed at different facilities, but you (PMG) may change your (Their) mind in the future. Nowhere does the Law allow for duplicated serial numbers to be printed as long as they are printed at different facilities, that is a really poor argument. If that we’re allowed they could cut serial number size almost in half and just print them at different facilities, just think how much money they could save on ink and smaller equipment. So when I was in college, (all schools), if I made a mistake on a test, it was counted as an “Error”, and my grade reflected the errors. If the planned event of issuing unique serial numbers for a specific Series, FRB, Denomination Note, does not occur then by all definitions a mistake/error happened. Now for my question; as time has passed and PMG has had an opportunity to absorb and discuss this situation, will they now call this a BEP Error for authorizing the printing and distributing same Series, FRB, Denomination, notes with duplicated serial numbers, an Error? Sincerely, Craig