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  1. Check this website, it has images once you figure out the country of origin.
  2. If you like, we like it. Personally and respectfully, I would have waited and saved for a more attractive example. An example without splits and soiling, and maybe with better margins.
  3. Six of a kind is good, but condition merits spending, at least for me it does.
  4. Thanks. To be clear, are you saying all 100 notes would have to be submitted for the Cabral signature ? Or, will PMG will do a single note when included with a 100 note submission ?
  5. Is there any update to the Cabral autographed labels ??
  6. Very cool fold over error. What exactly did you want to know ?
  7. Buy the note, not the holder.....always rings true.
  8. I have many PMG and PCGS graded notes in bank bags. I divide up the different denominations and put them in a specific bag. One dollar notes take up two bags. I keep them stored vertically, as in the photo, and have never had a problem.
  9. I have a friend with a large collection of PMG graded notes. He recently sent in several graded notes for a Presidential review, which does exactly what you’re asking about. Contact PMG for application and pricing.
  10. Numismatic Bibliomania Society has a E-Sylum eNewsletter you can subscribe to and you can also search their archives.
  11. Thanks for the help and information Jennifer, I appreciate it.
  12. Ok, I understand, PMG no longer adds Courtesy Autograph unless witnessed. Back to my original question. Am I able to get my courtesy autographed note into Cabral signature holder if submitted by a an authorized PMG dealer ? Is this the correct venue for this question, or should I contact Miles directly ?
  13. “The only way we can verify a signature is if that signature is witnessed by a PMG. employee.” - Jennifer Is this new ? Clearly this note was autographed before PMG was in business, and it has a Courtesy Autograph notation.
  14. Thanks Jennifer. This is the note. It’s in a PMG holder with “Courtesy Autograph” noted on the holder. Could I forward this note to one of the authorized dealers to be placed in a PMG Cabral signature holder ?
  15. Great idea. My question is, if I have a courtesy autographed note (Cabral), can I submit this note and have it holdered in the Cabral Signature PMG holder ?
  16. I have several notes in glass frames, but I left them in the TPG holder. The glass used is called Museum Glass, and is anti-glare and filters out UV light.
  17. I generally agree with G D Snyder. Are you able to post photos or serial numbers of the packs you received?
  18. I’ve found that guides will generally get you a “ball park” price for notes. The paper money market waxes and wanes and for a more accurate idea of current trends, I would suggest checking recent sold prices on similar notes at eBay, Heritage, and other websites that attract heavy traffic from PM collectors.