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I've Been Everywhere, Man! (Part 2)

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Fenntucky Mike


With three different production sites, dwindling supplies, war on several fronts and a desperate need for banknotes to circulate among the public, compromises were made and as a result several varieties of 1,000 Krabovantsiv banknotes exist. Below we will touch on what I consider major varieties. 


With Kyiv being the first and most stable location, the notes printed there were of good quality and consistency. As a result, there are no major varieties that can be directly link to the printing offices at this time. The Kyiv notes are currently Pick # 35a in the SCWPM, GI (Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, General Issues 16th Edition) although not noted as Kyiv notes in SCWPM these notes best fit the description "Watermark: Wavy lines.". All notes were produced on the same paper with identical watermark and inks used, there were four series of notes printed at this location and, if collecting by prefix, will provide four minor varieties to acquire. The four prefixes are AA, AB, АБ & АГ all in red ink, along with the serial number. The Kyiv notes are normally found with excellent color, the dark reds and greens really coming through. I also typically see two different sizes of type used for the prefix and seral numbers, small and large, but I don't currently have enough data to speak on this as of yet in regards to determining varieties.  Specimens were produced and were two uniface pieces, front and back, with ЗРАЗОК (SAMPLE) printed diagonally across the unprinted side in black ink with the prefix and serial number in red ink, PP888899 (Pick 35as1 and 2). There is also a two-sided specimen with ЗРАЗОК printed diagonally on both sides in red ink, with the prefix and serial number in black ink, PP000000. Both are extremely rare with the two-sided specimen exceptionally so. 

Kyiv prefix varieties. Notes printed on paper with wavy line watermark, no "W" on the front of the note, prefix in red ink.


Specimen, uniface front, Pick 35as1.



The next print location for the 1,000 Karbovantsiv banknote was Kamianets-Podilsky where we encounter two major varieties. As previously mentioned, in my prior Journal entry, a lack of supplies led to at least a paper change but also some other interesting varieties. The Kamianets-Podilsky notes are where we see watermark and ink variations. While it cannot be said if it was a lack of supplies, time, or talent that led to the varieties produced at this location, most likely it was a combination of all three, the times in which they were produced absolutely played a part. The first variety was a change to the ink used for the back of the first two series of notes printed. While the paper used in Kyiv was used to produce the first two series of notes in Kamianets-Podilsky, prefix AH & AO (wavy line watermark), the ink used/mixed was violet in tone as opposed to the previously used brown toned ink. This color change was previously noted in the SCWPM but was not assigned a separate Pick #, as of the latest printing this color variance is no longer mentioned.


Prefixes used for the violet back, note the type size difference between the two series as noted on other series and within series.


The next variety is the linked star watermark which, as previously mentioned in Part 1, was facilitated by a lack of supplies. Notes printed with prefix AA, AB, АБ & АГ, (the same prefixes were used on the Kyiv notes) in Kamianets-Podilsky were the only 1,000 Karbovantsiv notes to be produced on this paper. These notes were previously Pick # 40b (kind of) in the SCWPM, although none of the linked star watermark notes have violet backs. Pick 40 has since been removed from the SCWPM and combined with Pick # 35, there are no current varieties assigned for the linked star watermark or the violet back notes. At least not in the 16th addition (2016). 


SCWPM 12 Edition, Pick 40.



The third and final print location for the 1,000 Karbovantsiv banknote produced one Major variety and several small ones. Most 1,000 Karbovantsiv notes printed in Warsaw display the letter "W" to denote the location of printing, two series were produced in this way, AE & AI, on paper containing no watermark but with zig-zag lines of varnish applied to the paper. The varnish can be present on the front, back or both and runs diagonally either left or right depending on the paper's orientation during application of the varnish. The varnish lines appear to sit on top of the lithography to my eye, and if correct would have been applied after printing. Prefix AE and AI were only used on Warsaw notes with "W" on the front.

View, magnified, of Zig-Zag lines of varnish.


Below image, prefix for Warsaw notes with varnish, note the varnish present on prefix AI which runs vertically through the "A" and the "2", diagonally between the 0 and 6 and diagonally between the 4 and 8. Also note the lack, or no, varnish on prefix AE. Prefix are located on the front of the note only, as they were on all series issued.


There was also a third series of note printed in Warsaw on paper with no watermark and wavy lines of varnish present on the back. Prefix АЖ was used for these notes, with an estimated run of 1,000 notes. 


The final major variety is another ink variation, black ink was used for the prefix and serial number. All notes are from series АГ, printed on paper with wavy line watermark. The print location is unknown as both Kyiv and Kamianets-Podilsky, at one time, had printed notes using this prefix and had produced notes using the wavy line watermark paper. Although Kamianets-Podilsky printed АГ series notes they were on linked star paper but notes of other prefix were printed on wavy line paper at the same location, meaning that, there was an opportunity for these to have been printed at Kamianets-Podilsky. These are rare and either facility could have produced a limited run of notes with black ink, although it is thought that Kamianets-Padilsky is the more likely printing location due to the lack of supplies and poor production quality. One other possibility it that these were printed using captured lithography stones, but there is a lack of documentation to support that. Note, the example below has unbalanced prefix with the left prefix type being much larger than the right, the serial numbers are of the same size. The embossed emblem is also extremely faint on this note.


As it stands, there are six major varieties worthy of a Pick number, in my opinion. The Kyiv notes (P #35a). The Kamianets-Podilsky notes, violet back (P #UNL), and linked stars watermark (P #UNL). The Warsaw "W" notes with zig-zag varnish (P # 35b), and wavy lines of varnish (P #UNL). And the black ink prefix notes (P #UNL). It would have been nice if the Pick #'s for these could have been assigned in order of printing/location, but that ship has probably sailed at this point. With that said, hopefully we'll be seeing P #35c for the violet back notes, P #35d for the linked star watermark notes, P # 35d for the wavy lines of varnish note, and P #35e for the black ink prefix and serial number notes in the future. There is a P # 35c listed in the PMG population report, although I do not know what that variety is as there is no 35c listed in the last edition of the SCWPM or on Numismaster. :frustrated:While I do have at least one each of all the major varieties in my collection, all notes pictured are from my collection except for the specimen which is currently up for auction at Stack's Bowers (worship), I am missing one prefix and a couple of the linked star watermark notes (by prefix).

If you're looking to collect all varieties by prefix, lookout, you're looking at 21 notes, but if I can get some more examples of the large and small type used on prefix and serial numbers and include the direction of the varnish this list could double.



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