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Is This Just Fantasy? Umm, Yes. (Part 2)

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Fenntucky Mike


I picked up some more Matej Gabris (he's like the Dan Carr of banknotes lol) fantasy notes a few months back to compliment the set I purchased last year. These latest notes are an earlier series having been printed in 2002, the previous series of notes I purchased were dated 2003. I believe these are based, loosely, on Austrian notes towards the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918). The ornamentation, the position of the profiles, the background patterns, etc. have a very close resemblance to Austrian notes of that period. As Gabris likes to base his work, at least in part, on the historic events or times of the subject Nations, the time period of 1917-1920 is an excellent one to draw from for Ukraine as it was a period of brief independence and the Golden Age of Ukrainian banknotes.

These are some of the best fantasy banknotes I've seen, they hit the mark in regards to aesthetics, capturing a moment in time and plausibility, they are lovely pieces of art and an excellent addition to my collection. Fantasy notes are a nice break or gap filler to my main collecting interests, when things are slow I'll pick a few up to pass the time. 







My previous Journal Entry on Gabris fantasy notes.

Some Austrian notes from 1919.


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