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I'm a sucker for (Fake Banknotes).

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Fenntucky Mike


I did it again, actually twice more but I'll just focus on one for now. My love for companion pieces to my Ukrainian banknote collection knows no end. I recently picked up a few more fake or "fantasy" notes, they are in the same vein as my previous acquisition of a commemorative Antarctic set of notes, see my Journal entry "You need more, more, more (Stuff)" for details on those. As with the Antarctic notes these were printed on behalf of the Ukrainian numismatic magazine Numismatics & Faleristics (Phaleristics). The repro's were printed in 2015 with 1150 sets being produced. The set is advertised as a Ukraine Propaganda Collectors Set, containing 6 "fantasy" notes a post card with a depiction of a map of Ukraine from 1910 and a title card with a description of the set and serial #. I purchased this off of ebay for (including shipping) $15, the thought process behind this was "it's cheap, there could be some information in regards to the actual banknotes, it'll go well with my collection and it looks cool.". Well there wasn't much in the form of information that came with the set, so I'm going to have too consider this a purely "for the fun of it" buy. I have bought quite a few items in the hope of gleaning some sort of information from them, sometimes it pays off sometimes it doesn't. The notes are printed on low quality paper (the Antarctic notes were much better quality), the watermark consists of vertical lines spaced about an inch apart. There is some light embossing from the serial numbers, the print quality is low, the paper dimensions are different from the real notes, and each note contains several discrepancies in design including wrong dates, denominations and serial numbers and prefixes. There was no attempt to pass these off as anything other than "fantasy" issues or repo's. In the end the price was right, the time was now and I'm a sucker for fake Ukrainian banknotes.

Anyway here are the "fantasy" notes.


Here's a side by side of the Taras Shevchenko note next to the real thing. Which one's which? Not sure how this note ties into propaganda, going to have to look that up.



This note was printed to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the magazine.


The 15th anniversary is a knock off of P5. 

Ran out of space to post a picture of P5, look it up online if you're interested or check out my registry set.


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