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The (note) is HIGH but I'm holding on

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Fenntucky Mike


I've previously mentioned I wasn't planning on upgrading any notes, except for replacing a few AU notes and that I would consider an upgrade for a +2 note. I've been sticking to my guns but it's been much less of a choice to do so as the popularity of Ukrainian notes as increased. PMG graded Ukrainian banknotes have been increasing in popularity, number and price over the past year, with the largest price increases being seen for the higher grade notes. I'll have to go back through my records but some notes have seen increases of 150%. Below are a few banknotes that recently sold at auction. 

1634389932_Unlkjiuhtitled.png.3bb6881d342f81c6e577a5142b380918.pngTop Pop 1/0, total graded 2. Somewhat hard to get raw, availability drives price on these.

545403638_Untikjljtled.png.278b5233a77da585214605a8c5aefa37.pngTop Pop 2/2, total graded 23. High denomination helps drive price on these.

Untikljojtled.png.855f1f334faa58abbce738b25c871aaf.pngPop unavailable, believed to be Top Pop with several other examples available in same grade. High denomination

Untikljtled.png.c006ae0450193dacd5dfbd8da6ad36a4.pngTop Pop 1/0, total graded 2. Again somewhat rare ungraded.

All of these notes saw spirited bidding with multiple bidders, healthy hammer prices and all are great notes. The 106a is one of my favorites, I think the reverse is the best amongst all Ukrainian notes. I have no doubt that all of these notes would have sold for much less a year ago. I have seen these notes with the same or similar varieties/Picks and grades sell for between $40 - $80 in the past, it's great to see an increase in interest with these notes. Congratulations to all the winners!

I'm going to have to be much more strategic with any future acquisitions, especially if I'm looking at HIGH NOTES. 


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