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Woods-Tate Signature on Nationals

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Sheik Sheck


Hey ddr70, I was checking out your nice Large Nationals and noticed your Newton, Mass note. It has the rare Woods-Tate signature combo. Attached is New York Dunbar of the same ilk. You ay be aware but Peter Huntoon wrote a nice article in the April 2019 Bank Note Reporter about the rarity of the combo. Attached is also a .jpg of the article and the banks that issued such notes. 



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Nice article. Thanks!  The Newton, MA note is in my 1902 Large Nationals type of Mass. set here: and my Signature set of 1902 Nationals by Fr. # here:  I'm still looking for a Jones-Woods in Large.  

That $10 Dunbar NB in 66EPQ is a Top Pop.  PMG only graded 8 Fr. 637s with the next closest a 65EPQ.  Thanks for sharing!!

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