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Collage from Los Angeles Ch # 2491

Sheik Sheck


I can't find the $5 note!?!? Other than that, this is an awesome collection I put together. They are all graded but finding notes with the same signatures for all the denominations was not easy. I really enjoy putting sets like this together. Comments would be nice!!



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I like notes with different cashier and president combinations.  And I especially like charters where there are two different signature combinations for a denomination so there are more than one Fr. # for a given denomination.  Not sure if there was ever 3 or more...???  Not sure--I don't see the collage???

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The file was too large to load so I cut the reverse photos and here are the obverse for my Ch #2491. And yes,there are multiple signature combinations for a single bank. I'll post that next. Thanks!


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Wow, great set!  I love this bank/charter because it went through four titles (I believe; First National Bank of Los Angeles, then Los Angeles First, then First National Trust and Savings Bank of Los Angeles and finally Security First National Bank of Los Angeles).  I have a $20 with the FNB of LA title and a $10 with the LA FNB title that have the same treasury signatures (and the same bank president signatures; different cashier signatures).  There are so many different Friedberg #/type/denomination/signature combo/charter period, etc. examples on this charter as it was in business for over 50 years and spanned all four charter periods.  Definitely the most prolific So Cal bank from the National Bank era. I would love to have a First Charter note from this bank but they are beyond my budget.

Your $50 and $100 are especially impressive; beautiful shape.  It's funny how you're having trouble finding the lowest denomination; I have both types of the very common Bank of America Charter #13044 1929 brown seals from $5 to $20 and even a type 1 $100 in high grade uncirculated EXCEPT for the type 2 $5; I just haven't come across one yet.  My type 2 $5 from this charter is a 35 EPQ... It was easier to find my PMG 64 $100 than a high grade type 2 $5, and this is from the most common charter (or one of them) in existence. 

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I would be interested to know if a collector has all denominations in the 1902 series and the 1929 series both Type 1 and Type 2. It would be really awesome to see a complete red and blue seal 1902 complete denomination set with the complete Type 1 & 2. I imagine there are only a few banks that have all of those notes available. It would be nice to see your Ch #13044 collage? 

I also have the $50 Type 1 from this bank so I am working on a complete 1902 and 1929 series from Ch# 2941. I picked up this $50 note in the picture ungraded for $275. 



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My Kelly reference says that Charter 2491 did not issue $5 1902 Plain Backs and no 1902 Red Seals or Date Backs.  They only issued $50s and $100s using the 2nd title (as shown above).  You'll have to go back to Series of 1882 to find a $5 here, but there are Brown Backs, Date Backs, and Value Backs.

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Thank you very much my friend. Now I can cease my tireless search for the $5 PB from Ch #2491. Amazon sells Don Kelly's NBN book but it was written in the 90's...like edition 3. I think there are like 6 editions now?? Do you know what edition is the most current? Do you know where I can get the latest version. Amazon had a few old versions that were used. I want the latest version that is not used. In the meantime I thought I would share my BB Ch #2491. In addition to my $10, $20, $50 & $100 1902 PB and my $50 small Type 1 1929. 



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Just google Don Kelly national bank and you'll get his web site donckelly.com.  He was running a special ($81) on the 6th ed. Nat'l Bank Notes plus a Friedberg plus free ship that ends the end of 2018.  He shipped mine priority and I had it in just a few days.  As I recall, I emailed him using the address on his web site and he called me.  I got to chat with him for a bit on the phone about my Salem, OH notes.  And I paid over the phone with a card.  Not sure when the 7th edition is out or if Don is planning a 7th.  The 6th comes with a CD with the Hickman project registry.  I like the data on bank officers, although its not complete.  Sorry I didn't respond earlier as I didn't see a new post here.  So, you know I like that note a lot--you going to send it in to get your name and the radar noted on the holder??  I checked the auction site and I was 3rd high bidder :-(

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