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Paper Money Price Guide?

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Does anyone know of a decent publication or website that contains approximate prices for Small Size National Banknotes? I have the "Redbook Guide Book Of U.S. Paper Money" but that does not help me with individual Charter Numbers. TIA,hm.



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I never used it because I don't do paper money, but I know that the CoinWorld publishes a Paper Money Values magazine, I don't know how often but I know its at regular intervals. I don't know what's in it.




Thanks for your suggestion. I subscribed today, hm.



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you got to buy the kelly telephone book of national bank notes and then extrapolite based on your speciality bank you specialize in and then based on the demand per your area of specialization and also the rarity then you can add anywhere from 1.5x to 100x the current catalogue prices


alsoyou got to look in the updated census for more examples especially so if you got a really rare bankwith little to none outstanding.................


not as easy to value as coins not that many coins are easy to value but overall sort of easier than paper


good luck!!

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You will need the 5th Edition of National Bank Notes by Don C. Kelly in order to price Natinal Bank Notes, dealer ads from BNR (Bank Note Reporter), and the Greensheet (wholesale paper money price guide - it is next to impossible to buy at these prices) in order to price National Bank Notes not to mention a good working knowledge of the pricing of Nationals for that particular state.


Your 1929 Type 1 $20 in VF35 from Bernardsvile, New Jersey is listed in Fine cond at $600; there are 21 large and 12 small reported by Kelly for that bank. It is a very scarce and desirable note this nice. I used to specialize in NJ National Bank Notes. I used to have a 1929 Type 1 $10 from Prospect Park, NJ in VF with the same Kelly value and only 13 small reported for that one. I retailed it at a show in New Jersey a couple of years ago. Since then, prices for New Jersey Nationals have moved up considerably.


I would estimate its retail value as follows (spreadsheet I have developed for Nationals Pricing): In the $1000 - $1200 range.


Since Kelly only lists values in Fine (and based on my spreadsheet dealers will price these at Kelly Value + an average of 27% x grade factor) I calculate grade factors based on greensheet for condition for each individual type of National. I keep an extensive data base of prices from published dealer pricelists and web sites to base my calculations. The 27% is an average there is considerable variation among different paper money dealers. So all I have to do is plug in Kelly Value, condition factor and the program takes the two times average markup and then calculates retail.


Your Paterson NJ note (more common) I would price for retail at around $200.


I hope this helps - very impressive notes. They are beautiful investment grade notes which would enhance any serious collection or portfolio. In paper, I define investment grade as VF or better.



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