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Is the large size market slowing down?

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I think it depends. In my area, common large size FRNs and Silver certs haven't really moved all that much in the last few years. The popular desings, like the black eagles and 1918 FRBNs seem to still be in demand, but the more esoteric types seem slower. Of course my local market is not at all reflective of the larger market. Still though, some of the local coin dealers that also deal in currency seem to continue having pretty nice turnover of large size notes, but commons like 1923 $1 silver certs don't move well at all unless they are cheap type notes. Case in point that 2-note transition set I saw last week never sold at that show, but I won't complain since I'll own it tomorrow morning!

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I did notice that the 1918 flying eagles went for surprisingly high figures at Heritage last night. But the 1914 series wasn't really doing much.


It seems like people are focusing on popular designs like you mentioned and the more common notes are slipping under the radar.

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in general short answer yes






high grade extra special jumbo margins stuff is still really good and also of course better rarer nationals and the olde standbys original issue lazy 2's any original nationals and those gold coin backed bills 1875


also the colonial currency expecially so the better more popular bills like any with reverses that say printed by ben franklin of course any vermont state colonial notes


the early mass pre 1770 state colonial notes and of course the ever populazr and exyremely historical sword in hand notes by paul revere especially these and all of the above are terribly undervalued also any good vinette notes are good like those south carolina notes with greek pictures and themes on the reverse


the ben fraiklin marbled paper end notes of continental currency any high grade fugio cent continental currency notes

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