paul revere engraved and printed sword in hand notes 1775-1776

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I have completed a 13 colony set and added a few select Continental Congress notes. Now I am adding famous signers/engravers/printers all interesting bits of our early history.


When I show non collectors some of my collection they always always seem most interested in the Colonial currency. I can show them my superb gem Educational set along side a note printed by Ben Franklin or engraved by Paul Revere and guess which notes they want a closer look at?


Great stuff! laugh.gif



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wow mark!! also long time no see hjow have you been doing lately 893scratchchin-thumb.gifthumbsup2.gif


please post a photo here thumbsup2.gif



and also tell me waht is the demonination and grade and date of your paul revere and ben franklin note??????







well phys. fan you got to get one of these paul revere designed, engraved and printed by paul revere sword in hand notes


most likely touched by him



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