How much is a $50 star note worth?

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It is a Series 2004 note, in pretty good condition with a crease down the middle.


Serial #: EK 00370737*


Is this worth anything, or should I just spend it? $50 is alot of money, so I can't just put it away and save it without severely cutting into the coin budget.


Thanks for the help,

Zach smile.gif

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I had the same question a while back (but mine was a $100 * note). When I tried to sell it to a dealer, he said that there was not as much premium on the higher denomination star notes, because there is not as much demand. Most people will buy a $1 as a curiosity, but the demand is just not there for the higher denominations, because like you said it is a lot of money to tie up unless you really want it. There is even less premium for a circulated higher denom star note, because the people who want them want nice ones. I would say spend it (or better yet, put it in a savings account. )

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