$1 1957B Silver Certificate PMG69

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I am a coin guy, don't know much about currency, and this is the only note I own.


The NGC Pop Report shows this as being the only one in this grade none finer. I know the report is new so perhaps that in itself does not mean much.


Any ideas on what its worth? I will probably put it up on ebay but would like to have some idea about the value first.


Thanks for the help!

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I can make a scan when I get to the office on Monday, but its not a serial No. 1


The label reads;


$1 1957B Silver Certificate

FR# 1621 Granahan / Dillon

S/N R39278331A ppD

PMG 69 Super Gem Unc.


PMG #1006527-001


Its a nice looking note.

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