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PMG Population Report Now Online!

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I have made that suggestion. I have even offered to do the programming. It would not include serial numbers. I have offered a non-disclosure agreement to do it. No response.


If the PCGS and PMG POP's were merged, that would be the ultimate, most accurate (98%) census ever and forever.


Since the currency guys are friendlier than the coin guys, maybe that will happen down the road. When PCGS comes out with their POP, and we can see the comparison and note the duplication, maybe,


The next "FIX" will be Ebay. Who will guts buying a grade proposed be nurit or rayal. If it's not graded, why.

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PMG has launched its Population Report of United States Currency:


PMG Population Report

PMG provides its population report as a resource to paper money hobbyists. The utilization of this report as a tool for assessing the population and value of certified currency in any character or grade is unreliable. Certain characteristics inherent in the marketplace undermine the accuracy of this report.


I agree a nice resourse, I also agree that it`s completely unreliable in assessing the total population of a currency series or type.

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However, over time, this will be the guide and will be much more reliable for the currency collector. This and the census is, and will be used by all avid dealers and collectors. I will bet on that statement!!


In other words, it would be like buying a stock using a dartboard if you never looked at data. Unless you are Hillary Clinton and pluck down $10,000 and make $100,000 overnight, it won't work for the noirmal male.


Data is power when making financial decisions! Purchasing collectable currency is a financial decision No data is ignorance. You will not be a BULL, or a BEAR, what's left? the PIGS.

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PMG Team - Any plans to get obsoletes in a census? Granted, so many are remainders, but any data is better than nothing. Also, it would help with whatever comes next to update Haxby. For example, here is an Adams Bank proof $50 I have that isn't in Haxby and when I have you certify it, it would be great to know when others appear.







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The PMG POP Report is an UPDATE!!!


About time! ... I was wondering how long doea that process take? To me it should be like every 30 days - maybe PMG does not have the staffing for that IT process?


A good programmer could write -script that could auto update the POP report.


However - I am thrilled to see the POP report update. Long time needed.



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