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Namecalling on the PCGS Board

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Its come to my attention that namecalling on the PCGS currency board has caused one individual to feel the need to leave the forum.


If the circumstances of that particular incident are indeed true, it is sad indeed.


Nevertheless, he could be a very rude guy.


I've witnessed a lot of rude behaviour on the PCGS currency forum and feel the need to comment at least a little.



The most vocal segment of PCGS forum are anti-TPG, give high praise to a shady grading service, and poison threads when they see people are interested in nice / high dollar value material. Do they represent the bulk of collectors? Of course not!


Perphaps the worst part is that they start crying like babies when they see people have a different viewpoint than them.


This has essentially created a one-sided forum, which certainly doesn't represent collectors at large and has driven away many people from participating.


While the problem may seem simple enough and its solution quite obvious the fundamental issue runs much deeper.


Collecting and what drives collectors can bring out the worst in our materialistic tendencies. Its can be very easy for people to forget what's truly important in life: health, friends, family, etc.


Whether one's collection consists of a couple of circulated 1923 silver certificates, or a massive array of high grade large size type notes people, caught in a collecting frenzy, forget to be happy with what God has given them.


What drives us as collectors can lead us down a path of always wanting more and never being satisfied. The biggest offenders on the PCGS forum are the type who will never be happy in life as they will always want more and resent people who they perceive have more than them.


Their rudeness, quite honestly, stems from that simple fact.



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