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Is this worth more than $20?

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After a quick trip to the ATM, I received this $20 FRN that I noticed was cut off-center. Considering that the top "margin" was too small, it was easy to notice. I also have a good eye and thought the note was not straight was confirmed measuring with a precision ruler.


Yes, I know it's circulated. Yes, I know it has a fold. And yes, I know there is an ink stain in the upper left corner. But since I am not a currency collector, can anyone tell me if this is worth more than face value?







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One of the factors that is used to determine the collectability of a note is its

centering. A note with poor centering, which is the case on the note that was

posted in this thread, is valued less than a note with good or perfect centering.


Currency collectors seek perfection, and perfection in regards to centering means

equal margins, top and bottom, as well as, left and right. A note without perfect

centering is considered a flawed note and is, therefore, a less desirable note.


I see no reason to keep this stained, circulated, poorly centered note as a

collectible. Keep it as an example of sloppy workmanship by the BEP, if you

must, but don't expect to get any premium for it.

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