1929 $10 bill UNC, whats it worth?

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I have a 1929 uncirculated Bank Note marked "Farmers and Merchants Bank & Trust, Benton Harbor, Michigan". brown seal. can someone tell me what it is worth?


Values vary considerable depending on condition,perhaps if you posted a picture another member could give you a more accurate figure.





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Someone asked me to sell a bunch of paper money for them on ebay. I have confederate money shillings, cotton planters loan . texas money treasury warrant, Arkansas. I rented books from the library and came to the conclusion they were copies, then I saw someone else selling on ebay and there money looked exactly like mine, so now I am not sure if there the real thing or copies. I am not a collector of paper money, and I don't want to sell something I have no clue about. So I thought maybe someone could help me if I attach a picture. I don't even know how to go about submitting these to pmg. How much does it cost would it be worth it? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. My main concern is are these notes copies or originals.

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