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1963A $100 Star Notes.... Sequential SN's

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Hello everyone...first post here.


I have 2, sequential, 1963A Kansas City Star $100 notes.

They look like they have never been in circulation.

(Based on what is listed in the Currency Dealer newsletter about grade, I would think that these notes fall somewhere in the Crisp-Uncirculated 60 or Choice Crisp-Uncirculated 63. But I do not know much about grading).


Any idea of what the value of these would be?


I also have 3 other 1963A Kansas City $100 notes, (not stars), same condition, almost sequential SN's, for eg. ending in ...04, 05,... 07, missing 06).

Again, any idea of the value.


Thank you

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book value for stars is 450 and non-stars is 200. However, with bills such as these, you will probably never get this amount. the non-stars will probably get you around 135 while the stars will get you around 180. are you planning on selling these?

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Thank you for your responses.


I have also posted these over at Collectors Universe.

If you would like to see scans of the notes, look here:




I will be selling them, probably on Ebay.


Am I correct in assuming that they would appeal more to a collector if I keep them as a set, and also that having 2 sequential SN's stars makes them rather unique?


More than likely I will have two auctions, one with the 2 sequential SN stars, and one with the 3 almost sequential SN non stars.


Should I have them professionally graded?


Thanks again.

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grading is expensive and i dont necessairly reccomend it unless there is something unique about the serial number (ie 00000682), has an error, is very rare/low mintage, or if you are almost 100% sure it would grade 67 or higher. Also, whats your ebac account, i might decide to bid on them.

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