1928 $20.00 BILL VALUE

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We would need more information to even give you a ballpark estimate.

There were 2 different types of 1928 B $20. Federal Reserve Notes -- one had dark green seals and the other had light green seals. Beyond that, which Fed. Reserve district is it from, which "block" is it, and is it a high or low serial number within that block, etc., etc.


The 3 primary factors that determine a note's value are:

1. It's scarcity/rareness.

2. It's condition.

3. How many buyers are actually currently looking for, and willing to lay down their hard cash for that specific note at any given point in time.

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if it was uncirculated and a star note, you would be a VERY wealthy man.
I think you meant to say she would be a very wealthy woman. gossip.gif
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Judging by the way your note looks on my screen, it looks like it's in F+ - VF condition, edging closer to VF. In Oakes-Schwartz 5th edition, they estimate a VF as being worth about $42.50. I believe they've recently published an updated, 6th edition though.


Again, there are other variables to consider, the main one being if you can find a current buyer looking for one. My personal observations have been that people that can afford to collect higher denomination notes ($20.'s, $50.'s, & $100.'s) usually want higher grade notes than VF. My guess is, you might get around $30. for it on eBay or other internet auctions, but don't quote me on that; you may get more or less. It's just my best guess.

Good luck with it though! thumbsup2.gif

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