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The "Official Blackbook Price Guide to United States Paper Money" has a section on this for the 32 note layout. Basically it's like this:


A1 E1 | A3 E3

B1 F1 | B3 F3

C1 G1 | C3 G3

D1 H1 | D3 H3


A2 E2 | A4 E4

B2 F2 | B4 F4

C2 G2 | C4 G4

D2 H2 | D4 H4


The x1 are in quadrant 1; x2 are in quadrant 2; x3 are quadrant 3;

and x4 are in quadrant 4. Eight notes per quadrant times 4 = 32 notes.


Hope this helps.

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