1957 One Dollar Stars and 1976 Twos

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A few years ago, I purchased 10 one dollar 1957 star notes off of ebay. I only payed around 20 dollars. Some are in pretty good condition, but others are heavily circulated. No pinholes, tears, or anything of that nature. Just some major folds and discoloration. Anyone know what the value might be? I also have 4 first-day postmarked 1976 twos. They have consecutive serial numbers and are gem CU. I got those about a year ago for $20 at a local shop, and the dealer threw in a 1953 red seal $5. What would the consecutive be worth now? thanks for the input




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SilverEagle and zrlevin,

First I apologize to SilverEagle for NOT specifically answering his inquiry: best guess would be $2.50 - $4.00 each; but it would completely depend upon the consecutive numbers; please post them. Remember that ladders, repeaters, radars, have some 'extra' value to those particular collectors. The red seal $5 probably isn't valueless either. Look at it this way, you got $13 face value currency for a $7 premium, and may recoup your entire investment plus a little.


zrlevin: considering that July 4, 1976 was a SUNDAY, I have to give many thanks to a wonderful postmaster for cancelling the notes.

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