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$2 Dollar Bills Question

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Like how much can a 2 Dollar bill cost today? Does it have any value besides Just "two dollars" or what? I own one, just wondering. Surprises me how money can be as collectable and valuable as a Comic Books and other stuff. Though yes I have a coin collection. But it is for my personal use. I'd be surpprised if any of my coins are worth anything.

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1976, No, the serial number has no star. And what do you mean by where was it issued? Where would i find this info?


Look at the black seal on the front left side, it should have a large letter inside, and on the outside it should say the Federal Reserve bank that issued it:



B=New York






H=St. Louis


J=Kansas City


L=San Francisco


On the newer $2 bills, the circulation issues were all from the same Fed, 1995 were all Atlanta and 2003 were all Minneapolis, but in 1976 all twelve districts issued them.

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It's crisp, but it shows it use, it has it's wrinkles, not bad though, but as I say it is crisp. No rips, or tears. I am sure if I was to put it like between to peices of glass and over time it might become more flater.

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Ah, it's valuable to me and to me only, and no, I am not a big time paper money collector, the only paper money I own is Well, this 2 dollar bill. Or note, however you want to say it. I have had it for three years. lol so there aint no point to go and spend it.

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