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Hello All!


I am new to the boards and new to paper currency collecting. I have been collecting coins for several years and want to get started on a paper currency collection as well. I always liked to concentrate in one area while working on coin sets and am looking for a starting point with my new collection.


Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed.



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Attend shows and sit down with quality paper dealers and review their stock to get an overview of what quality notes should look and feel like.


I suggest, just for self education, to start with relatively inexpensive small size notes and learn about proper grading and paper qualities. Also, dabble in obsoletes to learn about private issuers and those paper qualities. Today, with all the shananigans going on with 'improving' notes, paper qualities and what to expect from various issues is as important as any other aspect of collecting paper money.


Get the books, too! wink.gif They'll give you guidance on relative scarcity.

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Coin has some good ideas!

If you deside to collect U.S. currency get a copy of Friedberg's "Paper Money of the U.S." and also the Oaks & Schwartz "Small Size U. S. Paper money".

You might want to start with Confederate or obsolete notes. I am not up on what Confederate referance is now used. Several years ago it was "Criswell's "Confederate and Southern Currency".

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