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Description of my paper money collection

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Hi, I'm new here. I don't have that much of a collecting budget (only 15, no job yet), so my collection is composed mainly of $1s and $2s, with a couple $5s and $10s, and a lone $20.


I put a full description of my paper money collection on my webpage: Click here to see it


I don't have a specific focus to my collection, really.


I'm building a series set of $1s, I only need three more to complete the FRN set!

I have an FRB set of CU Series 2003 $1s.

I want a complete block letter set, I wanted one series/FRB for the entire set, and I settled on B FRB, Series 1995. I have 12 out of the 25 bills so far.


I also have a denomination set for Series 1981. I started this when I scored an AU $20.

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Hi Alan! Welcome to the boards! I am not much of a paper money collector, mostly coins, but when I was about your age, maybe a little younger, I started saving FRNs from circulation, eventually saving them in crisp condition many with consecutive serial numbers. I have them going back to series 1977 if I recall correctly. I think I must have about 150 or 200 notes now. I have also found a lot of older bills in circulation, including a 1928 $2 and a 1928 $20. So many others, lots from the 1950 series and 1934. I've found a few old silver certificates over the years and quite a number of $2 USNs. I bought some large size notes over the years too, including some series 1914 FRNs and 1917 USNs. It's pretty fun to save them, especially when designs have changed as they have the last few years. Good luck in your collection, your web site was very informative and fun to read!

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