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SCWPM and Pick Numbers
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As we are aware, the SCWPM has been discontinued since 2019 yet PMG continue to assign pick numbers for banknotes that issued after 2019. My concern regarding this practice is that pick numbers assigned by PMG are arbitrary, as the purpose of using the codes is for cross referencing with existing established standard. 

As a collector of UAE banknotes, I'd like to demonstrate one example where this practice proves to be problematic. 

For the most recent 500 Dirhams banknote issue, the pick number is P-37Aa, however the same number has been assigned previously to the 10 Dirhams. leading to having 2 banknotes with the same pick number. By following the logic of pick numbering, the 500D should have had P-39.




Now this will lead to confusion and incorrect pick numbers for upcoming issues. And further down the road we will end up with holders bearing incorrect information.

This is only one example with UAE, The same issue could be valid for other countries that depend on SCWPM.

It seems to me that numismatic experts and major auction houses are moving to BNB (The Banknote Book), it's updated on real time with the inputs of experts. I believe it's time PMG make the consideration of adopting it as well. 

I believe it's the best to use a hybrid approach of utilizing pick numbers up to the last edition of SCWPM and continue with BNB from there. 

It would be nice if PMG experts could share their thoughts on this matter.


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Thanks for your suggestion. I have passed this on to our team to review. This may be an option we consider in the future for the identification of these pick numbers. Thanks for checking! 

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