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GP Negligence Claim in the UK: What to Do If You’ve Been Let Down
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In order to make a claim for GP negligence, you need to prove that the GP has been negligent. This means they have failed in their duty of care towards you and your health.

The main difference between negligence and malpractice is that with malpractice the treatment was provided by a professional doctor or nurse but they were not qualified enough or experienced enough in providing this type of care (e.g., if your surgeon removed the wrong limb). In these cases, you can take legal action against them through various courts such as The High Court or County Court depending on how much compensation is being claimed.

You can file your case with a solicitor or go to court yourself.

If you have a good case, you can file your case with a solicitor. However, if this is not the case and you do not have the funds for legal fees then there are other options available to you.

You can file your claim yourself; there are many websites that will help guide through this process. If this is something that interests you then we would recommend doing more research before taking this route as it may not be worth pursuing with just any old website or self-help book! Alternatively, if you feel confident in representing yourself then we recommend doing so as long as there is evidence supporting every element of your case (and trust us when we say there will be).

If neither of these options appeal then consider using another service – both offer free advice on how best go about filing claims without having access to professional legal services or representation

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