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looking for Dealer/ buyer

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Hi to everyone, I'm Kelin from Ghana in the west Africa, some years back I have worked with a buyer who came to my country in such of a colonial currencies, but it's unfortunate we couldn't make progresses as at time, so he left for his country and I have no contacts with him, due the my effort I put in to help this buyer to get his stuffs to buy I has made me move from house to house, and for some year now since he left, I have been receiving multiple calls from people who have in their possession of such currencies. This has put me in the frontline to look for some who can sever this purpose in buying this currencies. I promise to be of a Good character and also responsive to any dealer or buyer who will have interest in doing business with me. I enclose here with an image of 2 shilling British west Africa dated 1942 Gold. Hope to hearing from you soon




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Hello Kelin


Welcome to the PMG/NGC message board community.

I was in Accra back in 2005 and I went to a market near to the Central Bank. In one of the stalls I met an elderly gentleman from whom I bought quite a few better grade 2/- coins. I think I visited him a couple of times and at a certain point I bought all he had to sell of the grades (condition) that interested me.

The 2/- coin is not made out of a Nickel-Brass mixture. Thanks for the photographs scanned with your message. The coins in the pictures all appear to be heavily circulated and some are damaged or corroded. I would venture that they would not be of interest to most collectors as better quality examples are available fairly easily on the world coin market. You could maybe find a local market among tourists who may pay you a couple of Dollars per coin so they can have a somewhat unusual memento of their trip.

Maybe it would be more worthwhile for you to find out who has available collections of coins and/or paper money in Accra and elsewhere in Ghana. Tokens and medals are also of interest and condition is less important for these items as they are scarce.

Wishing you luck in your endeavors!

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