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Proof ALL Grading Companies are the Same posted by Sheck_Shiek

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It really doesn't matter what grading company one uses. The standards are so well-defined and tight now that the value of a note has almost no wiggle room.


As you can see here, I wanted a reputable company to grade a note. Of course, it was a waste of money since the note graded the same thus the value remained the same. Anyone note any sarcasm? That's because there is plenty!! I knew the note would not grade as well. I thought perhaps a 58EPQ would be the lowest but more likely a 62EPQ. Holy cow. What does this say about our hobby as an investment???



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That is CGA.

I had CGA 66 and 67 that PMG regraded and they came back 58s. Others came back 2 to 3 points lower, but yours beats them all.

If you are buying CGA graded notes you have to treat them as raw and pay for them as such. For US currency, I only trust PMG and PCGS, but I prefer the PMG holders.

Give PMG a call ask them what was wrong with the note, sometimes they keep notes about the grading, and let us know. The note looks like it might have a faint tilted horizontal fold above the word FIVE.

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