Can anyone find me this rare Korean note of the 60's?

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I am looking for the following note, that I am having a tough time finding, at a good price(if anyone has it). I have looked pretty much everywhere, E-bay, and other places, but NO-ONE has this.


South Korea P-26. 100 Hwan currency in UNC, or anything better than XF+ featuring the mother and son on front.



Does anyone have an extra whom can spare a note for me? for a good price?


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I know this post is really old but I have heard how hard it is to find a 모자상 (mother and son Korean note). If you are still interested I could point you in the direction of some Korean websites that sell them but the cheapest I have seen was around $400 or $500. I speak Korean and love to collect the currency but finding it can be tough. Let me know if your interested.

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