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Chinese Yuan 4th edition in different sizes

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I was wondering if there is anybody here who knows much about the earlier additions of Chinese paper money?


I recently bought a set of the 4th edition and have found that the 5 jiao and the 1 jiao in the set I bought are slightly bigger than the old notes from the same series found in my wallet from my time in China.


There are two explanations I can think of.

1) I could of purchases a fake set (I am not sure about this as the seller has only good feedback)

2) the bigger newer notes both have earlier serial numbers than the smaller ones with later serial numbers. Although they both have 1980 printed on them.


I have attached a few photos and it is very noticeable on the 5 jiao that there are difference in sizes. it is about 5mm different.


Finally on the 100 yuan I have tried to figure out if it real.

it has a watermark, if I fold it the patterns match up and if I put it near the light I can see a black line running down it. Are there any other ways anybody knows of to test if the 100 yuan from the 4th series is real.


Let me know your thoughts on this. And I am very interested in collecting Chinese paper. If anybody else shares this interest I would love to have a chat as I am really just a beginner.


Thanks for your time everyone


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I can't see your pictures, but yes, some denominations from the older series are larger than current notes. I think the old dam 5 Jiao is larger than the current green 1 Yuan.


For the 4th series 100 Yuan, only the 1990 version has a security thread. If you have a 1980 version, it shouldn't, and is worth slightly more. You can also pass the 1990 it under a UV light and you should see 100 and YIBAI YUAN.

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