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Investment Focus posted by Sheck_Shiek

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What notes are the best investment?


One might say any note you can buy low and sell high! Since this Journal is useless in that I am talking to myself (no one ever replies) here is my take. GO to Track and Price. It is surprising some notes perceived as rare, BILLIONS were printed. Small silver certificates after 1934 are just about all worth a few dollars. Some make money by selling hundreds of these graded at 65 or 66's bought for 20 bucks ans selling for 50 to 100. Even the star notes are worth not much more than face UNLESS they are rare and those have been cherry picked to death by the experts so just about any small note after 1928 without a star, 99% have little to no value. I am amazed ath the 1934 notes that look exactly like modern money selling for crazy prices. If they are not $500 or $1000 bills forget it. The ony real exception are the Fr2500's the small 1928 gold certificates. If they are 64PPQ or better the 10 and $20 are of value. The $50 and $100 gold certificates are worth a look. One 67PPQ $100 gold certificate from 1928 sold for $105,000!! SO i look for those. I also have a few Fr-1500 red seal funny backs. 64EPQ and above are good investments. Some of the rare Type 1 NAtional from 1929 and rare FR Nationals like the $5 San Fran and St .Louis are valuable but good luck finding them. My advice, don't buy little bits of small note here and there. Save up and buy a high quality LARGE SIZE NOTES, either gold certificates or silver certificates or the old legal tender if you can afford. Small notes, unless you love building complete collections are just a waste of money. I always try to get PPQ or EPQ and but one INVESTMENT instead of 20 graded pieces that will never be worth more than what you paid. Everyone should have an Fr-2405 shown below if you like small. The next journal is large example of paying for a prime note to hopefully let it increase in value since the note is from 1882 and in 40 condition. My Dad always told me, "Buy a house to sell it" I buy notes that I know will sell. Of course, I had to learn the hard way and get ripped off by a guy hat would rather steal a couple of thousand dollars than have a long term customer. Beware of who you buy from and if you buy ungraded notes, you will almost certainly lose. That's where the predators operate.



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